Reviv Med Spa – The San Francisco Bay Area’s Leading Institute for Advanced Aesthetic Techniques


At Reviv Medical Spa we offer our patients the safest cutting edge technology for skin rejuvenation, body sculpting and aesthetic improvements.  Our mission is to provide every patient with individualized treatments that address their aesthetic concerns and provide increased value to our patient’s lives.  Our patients want natural results that refresh their appearance but do not create an artificial look.

At Reviv, we continually attend advanced training and educational forums so that we can evaluate all new technologies and offer the latest most advanced treatment to our patients.

We know that not all technologies are equal and perform as advertised. So we evaluate and offer only the best technologies that actually perform. We hope to educate our patients so that they understand the treatments that are available and what they can and cannot do for them.

Doctor’s Statement

Dr_Gayle_MisleI believe the best way to treat patients is to get to know them so that you can understand their health history and concerns as well as their aesthetic needs.  At Reviv, we care for patients’ health as well as the appearance of both their face and their body.

Our number one concern is patient safety and efficacy of our treatments. We want every treatment at Reviv to be the right treatment for our patient. To meet this goal, we continue to educate ourselves so we are current and knowledgeable about any advances in aesthetic and antiaging medicine so we can bring them to you in our practice.

– Dr. Gayle Misle – Founder of Reviv Med Spa